Our Wine Estate

Our Radetzky-Wine Estate is situated approximately 28 miles to the northwest
of Vienna between the towns Krems and Retz near the well-known memorial „Heldenberg“, which was errected in honour of the Austrian general Radetzky in 1849. The ancestors of the Wichtl family have lived in this area since 1783 and have been practicing wine growing ever since this time. Today wines produced from grapes from our own vineyards are produced according to ecological principles on an area of 62 acres. We try to create wines whose quality has already been predetermined in the vineyard. To reach a high standard of the grapes the quantity of the crop is limited by quality-enhancing pruning. During the vegetation period we try to protect the soil by the use of a cover crop and covering with straw. Beneficial insects are protected by integrated plant control measures. Foliage treatment carried out by hand and an exact harvest time guarantee full ripeness of the grapes. We produce varietal wines from the quality stage „Landwein“ (vin de pays) up to late harvest wines, and it is our aim to retain the character of each individual vintage and the fruitiness of the wines. This is achieved by a slow, temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks, thus avoiding overheating of the musts and retaining the volatile fragrance and aroma components. The vinification of the white wines is carried out at a temperature of 11° C in acacia barrels, that of the red wines in oak. After filling the wines are sold only after a two months´ bottle maturation and we aim at an optimal consumer acceptance. RADETZKY-WINE ESTATE Leopold Wichtl A-3704 GROSS-WETZDORF Hauptstrasse 4 LOWER AUSTRIA Tel.,Fax: ++43/2956/2344
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Radetzky-Weingut Wichtl
Ing. Leopold Wichtl

  • 3704 Großwetzdorf
  • Hauptstrasse 4
  • +43 2956 2344

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